Updating Existing Review Systems is Critical

4 min readApr 8, 2022


Cancel culture is here to stay and online corporations seem more adamant than ever to make sellers of products and services accountable to their reviews. The times have changed; this is why it’s critical to have an active online branding strategy starting in 2021. Irevu, offered at MyDev.com, is a new online review system that works to improve a business’ online standing.

These days businesses are getting threatened, suspended, or de-platformed for neutral to negative reviews. Moving forward, companies need to ensure they maintain a high star rating no matter what the product or service. This means that not only should negative reviews be resolved swiftly (to improve a resentful customer’s negative image), but positive reviews should be rewarded publically as well.

In a 2018 Harvard Business Review article titled “Study: Replying to Customer Reviews Results in Better Ratings” Davide Proserpio and Giorgos Zervas found “that when hotels start responding, they receive 12% more reviews and their rating increase, on average, by 0.12 stars. While these gains may seem modest, TripAdvisor rounds average ratings to the nearest half star: A hotel with a rating of 4.26 stars will be rounded up to a 4.5, while a hotel with 4.24 stars will be rounded down to a 4. For smaller businesses such as a landlord that may use Airbnb to lease out their properties, online reviews are perhaps even more critical. Airbnb has recently changed its accountability practices with its hosts, anytime a host receives just a 3-star review, his or her space will be de-listed for at least a week. This can be devastating for hosts that rely on short term insta-books like on weekends in tourist locations. Of course, a guest experience should never be so terrible that a negative review is written in the first place, but sometimes an air conditioner breaks or a repairman is not available to come over immediately.

Thus, customers feel entitled to leave an honest review because they have learned that corporations will hold their vendors accountable after opinions are posted. Customers are also being incentivized and rewarded to leave reviews, such as Google’s badge tier system, or being part of Yelp’s Elite Squad. The status quo is not reversing, it’s only going to get more competitive for business.

Therefore, online reviews must be taken seriously so as not to impact future consumers’ perceptions.” helps both the customer and manager connect quickly. First, irevu customers leave their opinion in less than 2 clicks. If there are any negative Irevu reviews, irevu’s algorithm automatically channels the criticism to a manager’s inbox for a private resolution with the unhappy customer. For businesses that are unwilling or don’t trust their staff to properly handle their online reputation, irevu’s “full service” option, available at MyDev.com, is a great choice! A team of specialists will actively manage the entirety of reviews for your business and respond according to complaints with a wide range of offers instructed by the owner. MyDev users can simply sign up with irevu and watch their online reputation grow positively without stressing over resolutions with disgruntled customers*. To reinforce why an active system is important, the Harvard writers mentioned that “Ratings by users who were exposed to management responses were approximately 0.1 stars higher than ratings by those who were not.” This means that say…two different guests stay at the same Airbnb. After the first guest leaves their review, the second guest will have exposure to seeing what the first guest wrote and if the host mentioned anything positive or constructive. This exposure to the first review can alleviate any negative option the second guest was planning to post. This finding underlines why it’s so important for hosts or managers to respond to reviews. Even if the review is positive, a genuine compliment or comment relating to a meaningful interaction with the guest can seal the deal on ensuring they return for another stay.

Conversely, responding to negative reviews is a hedge against consecutive bad feedback, a slippery slope that must be avoided; otherwise, your business could get cancelled!

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*An Irevu specialist will meet with the business owner to discuss what resolutions can be offered under a wide variety of circumstances.




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