Not Many People Leave Reviews

Newsflash, not many people leave reviews, why? Inconvenience, if leaving a review was effortless and easy, most people would do it! Enter, Irevu, the reputation management system that enables your customers to leave an enthusiastic 5-star review during the moment they are happiest, the time of product or service purchase).

However, before getting into why Irevu is so successful, let’s touch on why so many Americans don’t leave reviews. Oddly over 90% of customers that don’t end up leaving a review actually read the reviews other people have written before buying a product or service. Who are these individuals leaving writing most of the reviews? About 10% of Americans consistently write testimonials about products or services online. This means that over 90% of individuals are relying on the opinion of just 10% of the population, and most of the reviews are from women, yikes, talk about an inaccurate rating from the customer population size! So, if your business is struggling to improve its Google star ranking, knowing that just a few customers are leaving reviews, imagine if you could capture all the silently happy customers that would leave you a 5-star rating? Most likely these customers make up 80% of your business. If only there were a way to make it effortless for them to leave a 5-star review. With Irevu, customers can simply submit an auto-populated 5-star review when making their purchase, via in-store tablet register, or online checkout. This process makes leaving a 5-star review so easy that it would be inconvenient not to leave a 5-star review. Since society is geared around convenience these days, it’s most likely most individuals will go ahead and just submit the 5-star rating.

So, to conclude, using a reputation management system, will both improve your star rating and do so with a hefty number of reviews to back it up! Most businesses do not currently use a reputation management platform, so get ahead of the competition, and attract customers that would previously have performed an internet search and been led to your peers. Using a reputation management system right now remains low-hanging fruit to generating more sales and outperforming competitors, give it a try.



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