Maximize Your Review Management Strategy

3 min readSep 14, 2022

In 2022, the competition is everywhere and effects everyone from restaurants, hotels, software applications, tradesmen, to car dealerships. Customers are leaving reviews about businesses all over the web and they aren’t always positive. Here are some tips to stay on top of everything that’s being said about your brand:

Respond to reviews on all channels

Many businesses just like to focus on Google & Facebook reviews. While these platforms carry the most weight since they bring in the most views, and thus reviews, it’s still important to look over other channels. For example: TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, AngiesList, Yelp, or CapTerra. Remember, negative reviews should be responded to quickly with a meaningful explanation or resolution, the public want to know both sides of the story when it comes to problems or issue. Prospects want to feel like you cared enough to respond to someone else, so they’ll be taken care of as well.

To elaborate, if a negative post is left open without a response over 24 hours, then prospects will notice and just click away onto a competitor’s page vs buying your product or service. A professional response to a negative review improves the impression of your business in +90% of cases, so don’t slip.

Get Personal

Going along with responding to all reviews, especially the negative ones, you want them to be personal. Greet each reviewer by their name or online nickname and be sure to repeat or include some of the information the customer has mentioned, this breeds empathy or at least makes the happy or disgruntled person feel understood which is meaningful.

Watch The Competition

The goal of review management is to maintain a good image and stand out. Watch how reputable competitors are doing, first, notice if they are even responding to reviews. Next, you’ll want to follow the absolute best performing companies in your industry and start copying their style in terms of quality responses. Sounds simple right? Well, you’d be surprised how few businesses track or try and improve their online reputation.

Watching your competition show their strengths and weaknesses, these are important traits that you can learn just observing them for free! So, take the time to start watching competitors.

Performance Review

Keep a watchful eye on your business as well as the competitions. Track whether online rankings are improving or declining on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Equally important is to keep accumulating 5-star reviews, this does two things. First, it dilutes all the negative posts from the past, next it keeps improving your rank. Ensure staff are properly trained to encourage customers to leave a review after each purchase. Include a one click rating selection on the confirmation/receipt page after each customer places an order online, making it easy for them to rank you 1 through 5.


Are you still having trouble amassing reviews while minimizing their effects of negative feedback online? Check out Irevu, a review management system that makes it as easy as possible for your customers to post as many 5-stars ratings as possible. What about the negative feedback? Irevu specialize in that as well! The Irevu systems will send notifications of any negative review being posted about your business from nearly anywhere on the web. Nothing will fall through the cracks; you will know if someone writes something negative about your business even from the least known domain.

If you need a review management system, Irevu’s got your back, there’s no substitute. Improve your star rating and increase the number of reviews posted about your business today.

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