iRevu is now rebranding to iReview

No, we are not about talking about the Ethereum merge but rather the iRevu & merge! From now on, the iRevu reputation management system is now a SaaS of Whether you type iRevu or iReview into your browser the search result will be the same. You will be taken back to the same landing page for the best-valued reputation management system on the internet, which no business can afford to operate without. Why do we say that? Let’s run through some statistics:

Did you know that over 90% of startups fail? The small percentage that continue to exist must compete for market share and outshine their industry peers. In addition, over 90% of customers check the star rankings of restaurants or hotels before choosing where to go and spend money. Are you seeing a statistically significant pattern here? If most customers choose only the highest-ranked places to spend their hard-earned money, and if most businesses fail, then it’s obvious that businesses that do not have a high Google star ranking of at least +4.5 are nearly guaranteed to fail. So what if your organization falls below 4.5 star? If yes, you will need a reputation management software like Irevu to have ashot at survival. Irevu is not expensive, and it will absolutely increase the popularity and recognition of your business online. Irevu conveniently allows, and dare I say, empowers customers to leave your business a 5 star rating every time they checkout or pay on a tablet register. Customers must inconveniently opt press buttons to leave a lower star rating if they choose, most will not do this. So by using Irevu, your business is almost surely increasing its 5-star rank dramatically and the numbers will pile up! Irevu also uses sophisticated tools, powered by real people. If your company doesn’t really have the time to tack on the effort of managing and replying to online reviews, that’s fine, Irevu offers a full-service package to handle this process entirely hands free.

More stats:

Only 0.16% of online keywords represent approximately 60% of all searches. People are not going to change their vocabulary habits. If anything, individuals are losing their library of vocabulary words as their attention spans continue to dwindle. So, it’s vital that businesses compete to outshine one another and get to the first Google page. For this reason, Irevu has a powerful built in Ai which monitors what your customers are saying about you on dozens of review sites and helps turn that information into actionable insights & reports — all in one place. You will be notified whether these repetitive words are either positive or negative so your business can make immediate adjustments regarding negative feedback, and double down on all the good things it’s doing. Remember, most businesses fail, so, if anything bad is being mentioned about your company repeatedly, it needs to be rooted out and squashed as soon as possible. The Irevu system is built to scope out any lexical patters as fast as possible so you can stay ahead of the curve of your own business success!


Thankfully, Irevu now has two separate URL’s which lead to the same landing page, this only helps increase the chances that Irevu itself will someday reach Google’s #1 page for reputation management software. We here at Irevu lead by example, our success is your success. The software works fabulously well, regardless of which provider you choose, start using a reputation management system today and get the notoriety your company deserves!



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