Increase Your Star Rating

Increase the number of 5-star reviews

First, you want to keep accumulating more reviews. Now, you might be asking yourself “well if I want to improve my star rating how can increasing the number of reviews help?” The answer is by adding increasing the number of 5-star reviews, dilutes the number of negative or mediocre 3-star reviews. How to increase the number of 5-star reviews? The easiest and best way is by simply asking your paying customers at checkout. For example, if you’re a coffee shop barista that likes to interact with customers, most likely the person that just placed their order is going to be happy and agreeable to leave a 5-star review. Make it easy for people to leave reviews, have a review button pop immediately after someone checks out online or paying on a cashier tablet. One can also place QR codes on each table in the venue so that anyone can just populate the review page like Google reviews or Facebook and leave feedback seamlessly. You would be surprised just how many are willing to leave a review, they just need a little nudge to do it, so make it easy for them to do so.

Address negative reviews

Next, you want to deal with negative reviews. Here you want to respond to critical feedback because it addresses any issues firsthand and possibly earns the respect of the disgruntled customer or prospects reading the review. When responding be sure to admit fault if it’s on your end but feel free to disagree with the customer if you believe the organization did the most it could at the time of the issue. Negative reviews that feel staged or unbelievable should be reported to Google or Facebook, this way they can possibly be removed altogether. As a business owner, you should know about negative reviews the moment they are published. By knowing immediately, the owner or manager can come up with a good resolution for the unhappy customer or client, which could lead them to positively edit or remove the review altogether.

The optimal system

Here at Irevu, we specialize in improving your online reputation. We make it as easy as possible for guests to leave reviews so that you can accrue as many 5 stars as possible. What about the negative reviews? We specialize in that as well! Irevu is a review management system that is set up to notify you of any negative reviews being posted about your business across thousands of websites online.



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