Harvard Recommends A Better Online Review System

2 min readJan 24, 2022

Business reviews are important, but the current way individuals are able to leave their feedback is getting outdated.

Enter irevu, offered on MyDev.com for $0/month! Irevu is different from other review systems in that it enables customers to leave their opinion in less than 2 clicks. If there are any negative reviews, they are automatically channelled to managers for private resolutions.

According to a Harvard Business Review article titled “Designing Better Online Review Systems” Business leaders often invest heavily in the technology behind a system but fail to actively manage the content, leading to common problems. The implications of poor design choices can be severe.” This is why irevu is so important; it’s both a new way for customers to leave a review and an easier way to manage those that are negative. In addition, the HBR article stated “No matter how good your system’s design, you need content moderators.” So if managers are too relaxed or unwilling to actively navigate through all recent reviews then purchasing irevu’s “full service” package is a great option. A team of specialists will actively manage the entirety of reviews and responses for the business. MyDev users can simply sign up and watch their reviews grow without stressing over resolutions with unhappy customers*.

As HBR said,” Review platforms have accelerated and systematized this process, making it easier to tap into the wisdom of the crowd.” Irevu gives users a direct path to understanding how customers feel about a product or service. Many businesses, both large and small have successfully improved their online review ratings since using irevu.

Irevu makes the difference, try it today at MyDev.com

For any further questions feel free to contact: hello@irevu.com or call 224–279–1076

*An Irevu specialist will meet with the business owner to discuss what resolutions can be offered under a wide variety of circumstances.




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