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3 min readApr 8, 2022


A key part of growing a business or eCommerce website is its online presence

A key part of growing a business or eCommerce website is its online presence. For many owners, this translates to becoming famous on Facebook, Google, or Yelp, and irevu, a review management system offered at can help with that. However, if you want a business to become Instagram famous, especially organically, it takes a good strategy. The following are some tips on how to achieve the fame on Instagram that you’ve always dreamed of for the business:


The number 1 key factor to establishing a reputation on Instagram is the type of content you’re posting. The content must be engaging for the audience. Followership will grow dramatically if videos and pictures are high resolution and interesting to watch. Showcase your product or service being used optimally. If the business sells children’s toys, upload videos showing how happy the kids are playing with the product. Be sure to include promo codes and a link to the product to facilitate possible sales. If the business is a restaurant, record in UHD or 4K to display all the tasty food, making your audience dream salivate, and hopefully walk in to pay and eat it. However, for a business to become Instagram famous it takes more than just showcasing the product or service, it helps immensely if you have an attractive personality.


Some types of content outperform others, like posting as a partnership with engaging personalities. Let’s say you run a daycare business. DM or call every popular babysitter on Instagram and ask if they want to do a live interview together. The babysitter can ask questions about the business and validate if you run a good operation, her approval won’t just bring in followers, but customers! In return offer the babysitter a percentage of sales from customers that use her referral code. Be sure to see if the popular babysitter wants to interview you on their channel. Since their audience will be relatively large, it will immensely grow the number of people following your business. If you have an eCommerce website, find popular Instagram critics or influencers that talk about products or services in the same category. For a restaurant, try and interview popular chefs and see if they want you on their channel, perform a live cooking session, or get creative.

Now, you might be thinking “this is impossible the author makes it sound too easy.” The reality is that if you hit up +100 influencers a week for a live interview, success is inevitable.

Remember, if you want to get up to say… +200,000 followers, it’s essential that you conduct live interviews. So, get imaginative with the content, ideally with an engaging personality from your business, and partner with popular influencers.


Apart from growing an Instagram presence organically, Zuitte is another platform offered on that can automate your social media activity. So, with Zuitte you can schedule future posts and see from a central dashboard all the in-depth analytics regarding page views, who clicked your video or photo to better understand the customer demographic.


Apart from being popular on Instagram, a business should strive to become well known all over the web. Maximizing the number of reviews should be the priority of any physical or online store. These days, over 90% of customers don’t buy a product until they check the reviews. This translates to a need to build up a nice quantity of positive reviews, but how? Enter irevu, a software that makes it easy for customers to leave a review in just 2 clicks. With irevu, businesses notice both the number of reviews increasing, as well as them being 5 stars. Regardless of whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, retail store, or eCommerce website, irevu understands your reputation and sales are at stake.

Take control of them today and try irevu at Feel the difference it can make to your business.

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